who we are.

We are an International group of highly skilled professional Traders from all walks of life.

The Team, we are proud to say cover all skill sets to really create an education and service which will take you to the next level.

Our team have outstanding technical abilities and have experience from many industries:
Trading – Engineering – Mathematics
Finances – Project Management
Computing / Coding / Information Technology

More importantly all rolled in to one, we are a TEAM absolutely dedicated to helping others and to help them achieve what we have… and that is to:
Beat the Markets and Beat the Banks 
(Consistently and Safely)

We strive to deliver  a solid, clear path towards “Financial Freedom” with all membership levels 
with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Given your time, dedication, hard work and desire we guarantee you can become a…



Our Lead Mentor, Trader and Founder


Peter started his working life as an Aircraft Engineer for British Aerospace.

He soon started travelling the world and working for various major airlines and was head hunted to work on some major aircraft projects.

Peter has worked for Kings, Presidents, Oil Tycoons and Celebrities, so it goes without saying Peter is no stranger when it comes to quality and professionalism.

A career change saw Peter obtain his Captains tickets for Super Yachts and with the Engineering background he went on to be Chief Engineer on several Super Yachts from 35m to 55m.

Finally many years later, Peter realised for the future he had to Invest and this is where his Trading Story began.


Peter loves Trading and believes having a passion for something you do for a living is one of the best pieces of advice he could offer someone.

His Loves:

Finances & The Markets
Playing the Guitar
Learning Languages
Football (Blackburn Rovers)
Keeping Fit

“Figuring Stuff Out”


 Many years ago Peter began his Trading journey and soon realised that Trading was a fabulous way to provide an extra income stream.

Peter is proud to say he never blew an account and it only took 18 months to become a completely profitable trader.

Peters 2019 – 2023 Statistics are:

Regular Trading (FXCM)
% Profitable Trades = 82.86%
Cumulative Return = 8.46%
Sharpe Ratio = 4.16

% Profitable Trades = 100%
Cumulative Return = 126.35%
Sharpe Ratio = Not Calculated


I've always had a passion to help people. I was the deputy head boy at School so I've always had responsibity to help others I suppose from a young age. I was lucky enough to get a fabulous job straight from school, however, ambition and a thirst for knowledge drove me forward from there. I really do believe I have been lucky with how my career unfolded and I'm always thankful... but I also believe you make your own luck so I'm also thankful for the "inner drive" within. I started Trading and paid for a course with a well known "Guru" and by the time I actually did the course I had acquired most of the knowledge from books and YouTube so ultimately felt let down and felt like I didn't really learn everything. I spent 12 months (at around 14-18 hours a day) testing Indicators and Strategies, learning, learning and learning, watching how price moved etc etc. I feel I just started to figure things out and lets say the penny started to drop. I noticed things, searched the internet and couldn't find anything about my latest discoveries, so I suppose you can say I started to believe I may be one of the very few who it clicked for. I kinda put this down to my brain being very logical and mathematical having evolved through an Engineering career. One thing I have always found interesting is that "The Market Wizards" in Jack D Schwager's books tend to be Engineers of some sort! So after things "clicking" for me when I looked around the trading space... all I could see were fiddled account showing insane gains (I can easily explain how), the cringey fast boys on YouTube (rented fast cars and fake bundles of cash) and the afore mentioned guru types who after watching them for 5 minutes I could immediately see they couldn't actually trade for toffee. My biggest point has always been why teach if you can make so much money through trading? Well I love to teach, I like to help people and I also like to make money. I like to teach people how the banks work and how they are just designed to take your money, so I'm on a mission to turn that around and help people retire earlier. I also want to develop honest education and not just the scams that are flooding the space. I have made some amazing friendships so far in this space and have developed a Team so far I really believe will achieve great things. The Indicators I have created and the indicators our coding "Wizard" has created are truly groundbreaking and to be honest Institutional grade and anyone the beauty is anyone can access these. Anyway, in a nutshell, I believe I found the "Holy Grail" of trading. My ambition is to develop this Academy in to something really amazing. I will then identify good people and good traders who can join us on the next part of our journey in the years to come when we create our own Investment fund to help our nearest and dearest and then we aim to do some really good things in the world....

membership levels

We have four levels of Membership and a Mentorship package.
Every level is completely designed and tailored with a Zero to Hero approach.
The varying levels of memberships contain additional benefits and improved grade class of Indicators.
please note – absolute *Premium* Indicators are reserved for Elite Members only and are not for sale at any price.

If you have any questions at all regarding:
Our Education

Please feel free to….